Nuplazid Lawsuit Attorney: How to Tell If You Need to Hire an Attorney

Nuplazid is a type of medication that was developed to treat the hallucinations people often experience when they have Parkinson’s disease. It may be a medication that was prescribed to and used by a loved one. However, your loved one may have suffered from some serious and complicated side effects that caused a multitude of health problems and issues. As a result of those complications, you may be interested in filing a lawsuit on his or her behalf.

It’s important for you to know that numerous Nuplazid lawsuits already exist. Unfortunately, many other people who’ve taken the medication have experienced quite a few uncomfortable and harmful side effects. If your loved one has suffered immensely due to this medication that was supposed to help him or her, it makes sense to want to take legal action.

The Many Different Side Effects of Nuplazid

Several different side effects may have occurred. Some of these side effects include worse hallucinations, heart problems, drastic weight loss, and even death. The types of side effects that have taken place have varied from person to person with death being the worse side effect of all. If your loved one has suffered from any of these side effects, you do have a lawsuit on your hands, and it’s a wise decision to hire an attorney who can help you with this lawsuit.

Why You Should Hire an Attorney

You may not know too much about the laws surrounding different medications. However, the purpose of the medication is to help people, not to make their health any worse. Your loved one may have agreed to take the medication because he or she believed it would benefit him or her rather than making the situation a lot worse. Those horrific side effects may have started to occur, causing the Parkinson’s disease symptoms to become even more of a challenge to deal with over time.

The attorney has a better understanding of the laws surrounding medication as well as laws surrounding any false claims made by the company that distributes the medication. The attorney can perform thorough research on Nuplazid, your loved one’s diagnosis, your loved one’s medical history, and the dosage of medication that was prescribed to him or her. It’s important for the attorney to review the medical records to make sure underlying conditions weren’t present and weren’t contributing to the medical problems your loved one has been suffering from.

Working Hard on the Lawsuit

You can work with the attorney to provide medical records and additional information on your loved one. It’s necessary for the attorney to have as much information as possible to try winning the case against the manufacturers of the medication that may have caused such serious and even deadly side effects. Once you hire a trained, professional attorney, he or she will take the case seriously and will spend a lot of time working on it to ensure that everything is completely ready for court.

There may be quite a few things you’re requesting to receive from the lawsuit, including financial compensation to cover the cost of medical expenses for your loved one as well as any further treatment he or she may need if he or she is still alive. The cost of emotional, mental, and physical pain and suffering may be included in compensation that is being requested. If your loved one passed away due to taking the Nuplazid medication, you may be suing for additional expenses, such as the cost of a funeral as well as pain and suffering you’ve endured due to the loss of a loved one.

You may need to file a lawsuit because your loved one has suffered from serious side effects caused by taking Nuplazid, a medication made for those with Parkinson’s disease to help with hallucinations. Many other people have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with side effects caused by this medication and have decided to file lawsuits because of the pain and suffering they’ve endured. If your loved one has suffered tremendously, the best thing to do is get in touch with an attorney who can take on the case and represent him or her in the courtroom while seeking justice.

Filing A Lawsuit For Invokana Amputation

Invokana is a blockbuster new drug introduced in 2013 by a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson for patients suffering from type II diabetes. This particular drug works by reducing the blood sugar level by forcing the kidneys to remove blood sugar and pass it out from the body through urine. Ever since the introduction of this particular class of drugs on the market, FDA has been receiving some adverse event reports from users have who have been using these drugs on a regular basis.

In the year 2015, FDA had issued a warning that users of this drug are at an increased risk of ketoacidosis. In 2017, FDA has issued a black box warning which is the highest level of warning that can be issued by the agency. This black box warning suggests that users of this particular drug are at an enhanced risk of getting their limbs amputated due to continuous usage. This black box warning was issued by FDA after the result of clinical trials that concluded that users that continue to use this drug are twice as likely to get their limbs amputated as compared to type II diabetes sufferers who were placed on a placebo.

Thousands of lawsuits have been filed by individual users against the manufacturer of this drug due to the amputations they had to undergo after using this drug on a regular basis. Such lawsuits have been filed by law firms on behalf of such individuals all across the country. If you or any of your loved ones also had to have an amputation after taking Invokana, you might be eligible for financial compensation for the harm suffered. However, there are several important things you need to take into account to make sure you are eligible for compensation and should file a lawsuit against the company. While there is no dearth of law firms all across the country that can be chosen for representing you for Invokana amputation lawsuit but you need to take into account several important things before you decide to go for a particular law firm.

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind is that all states have a statute of limitations which means an individual needs to file the lawsuit within a particular period to be eligible for financial compensation. Therefore, you need to decide quickly and make sure that the statute of limitations hasn’t passed if you want to get financial compensation for the harm suffered due to continuous usage of Invokana. Another important factor you need to keep in mind is that it is better to go with a law firm that has already had success in dealing with similar cases by getting fair financial compensation for their clients who have been harmed by usage of a drug.

As mentioned in the beginning, thousands of individuals have already filed lawsuits, and many such law firms are encouraging other individuals who have had an amputation due to continuous usage of Invokana to come forward and provide the relevant information to enable them to file a lawsuit against the company. It is also to be noted that many such law firms representing individuals who had to lose a limb due to the adverse side effects of Invokana work on a contingency fee arrangement basis. A contingency fee arrangement means that the individual does not need to pay any money to the law firm in case they are unable to get any financial compensation for the plaintiff. In other words, when you engage a law firm on a contingency fee basis, it means that you do not need to worry about making any payment to the law firm as law firm will get paid from the settlement money if they win in the court.

So, you should get in touch with a reliable law firm that has previous experience in dealing with such cases in case you have suffered harm due to continuous use of Invokana.